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Welcome to our new 2024 line of First-Class railroad patches.

Our new line uses a different process than before.
Embroidery stitches make it difficult to do fine details.
We are always striving for better quality and these new patches
use a different process that allows us to do very fine detail.
AND, these are less expensive!
These new patches are smaller than the embroidered patches.
They come with a glue back and can either be sewn on or ironed on.
The glue is basically “hot glue”. Place a press-cloth over the patch
and heat with an iron set on the Synthetic setting.


Western Railroad Patches
Midwest Railroad Patches
Eastern Railroad Patches
Southern Railroad Patches
"Foreign" Railroad Patches

Miscellaneous Railroad Logo Patches

Amtrak® Patches
Locomotive Patches

Union Pacific "Big Boy" Patches




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