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There are a number of factors that are important
in designing a pin. Below are considerations
to be made regarding the design.

Rest assure that we can help you with all
of this. Our samples speak for themselves.

You can always submit your artwork to us
for critique - we will get back to you with
our design recommendations.

With our expertise we will help you design
with a pin that you can be proud of.

If you have a graphics artist, you can have
him or her contact us directly to
discuss technical details of the design
as it relates to pin making.


Generally, it is important to keep the pin small.
If the pin becomes too big, then it becomes "clunky"
and people will tend not to wear it.

However, often the pin design dictates the size,
so a complicated design may have to be made
larger just to include all the detail.

On the average, pins are between 3/4" and 1"
in the longest dimension.
Smaller pins will only work for very
simple designs.

The most important thing to do is to reduce
the artwork down to various pin sizes -
3/4", 7/8", 1", 1-1/8", etc.
so you can see how the design "works"
at various sizes.


Artwork should be submitted in the form of
"line-art". This can be either in hard-copy form
or can be sent as a .tif, .ai, .eps or .jpg file.

A second set of artwork should be provided
in color. This can be submitted in
hard copy or as a .jpg file.


When possible, provide PMS color information.
(Pantone Matching System®)

Graphics artists have access to
a PMS color chart, and
most quick-print shops also have these
charts which you can use.


The pins with the best "effect" and "impression"
are those with high contrast.
This helps the readability of the pin
from a distance.

When possible, colors of the design should
have contrast with each other and
with the base-metal of the pin.


The best pins are those which are relatively
simple in design. Remember, these are going
to be seen from a distance on the wearer.

Generally you can get across two or three
"concepts" with a pin design.

Highly complex pin designs or a pin with
"too much to say" just won't read well.

Often a customer will submit a design with
a logo, company name, slogan, date, etc.
Too much information often defeats the
purpose of the pin by being too busy.

If you have questions regarding
pin designs, we would be happy to help!




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